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Senior Care Services

Nursing Services

  • Wound care
  • Medication injection
  • Medication administration
  • Medication management
  • Tube feeding
  • Bladder catheterization
  • Heat/cold application
  • Enema
  • Accompaniment to physician

Some of these services are covered by Medicare. Medicare services are limited to a certain number of visits and certain criteria must be met. We will gladly help you determine if you should be eligible for covered services, help you find a Medicare certified provider, and work alongside that agency to unify care.

Nursing services are performed by an RN or LPN for skilled procedures.

boxes, or administering medications. It could also include quick care procedures such as wound care, catheterization, or hot/cold applications. An hourly nurse might be beneficial if you are in need of a professional to oversee a more advanced medical condition that involves prolonged periods of monitoring or if you have an unstable medical condition that requires extra attention.

A nurse is always on call for any immediate concerns.

A registered nurse is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The RN will speak to you about any immediate concerns you have and any condition which, in the professional judgment of the nurse, requires further medical attention will be reported to the Care Manager, Director of Nursing, and your physician.

Doctor’s appointments can be confusing.

Doctor’s appointments, especially when you have numerous doctors for multiple conditions, can get confusing. Doctors speak fast, give lots of information, and use language we don’t all understand. In addition, we don’t always know what information the doctor needs in order to best lead our care. Furthermore, the outcome of the appointment is usually requested by other members of the family. Having a skilled nurse accompany you to physician’s appointments can help. The nurse can facilitate the give and take of information, help you understand and follow through on the doctor’s instructions, and communicate the information to other members of your family, relieving you of the pressure to understand and remember everything.

Multiple medications can easily lead to medication errors.

An article in the Sarasota Herald Tribune highlights the issues surrounding multiple-medication prescriptions and its dangers. The article sites a study by Harvard researchers that track prescription usage. The findings suggest that 39% of people over age 65 are taking five or more medications daily. In addition, there is a 70% increase in multiple medication prescriptions over the last 12 years. (Sarasota Herald Tribune, Paula Span, July 12th 2016).

Medication management has become more complicated. With multiple medications prescribed by multiple physicians, it is difficult to keep track of medication schedules, side effects, or medication interactions. Hospitals and pharmacies have come a long way in education and increasing awareness, but despite these efforts, it is not unusual to find that patients do not understand basic medication safety or side effects. To make matters worse, we find that there are missed doses, double doses, or accidental misuse of medications, particularly over-the- counter supplements and remedies.

The natural aging process slows metabolism and causes lower kidney clearance of medications. This can lead to a buildup of certain medications, causing sedation, poor balance, or low blood pressure, leading to increased risk of falls. Falls is one of the leading causes of hospitalizations and debilitation in our community.

With skilled nursing services overseeing medications, the risk of medication mismanagement is greatly reduced along with the risk of hospitalizations.

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Prestigious Precedent

A Success Story

Mrs. Williams (names changed to protect privacy) lives with her husband enjoying a life of retirement filled with bridge, luncheons, shopping, gardening, reading, and face time with her children and grandchildren. She did not plan to get sick until she collapsed, ending up in the hospital. Her eldest daughter came from out of state to help her through her hospitalization, discharge, and plan for home. Knowing that Mr. Williams requires medical attention himself, and that her siblings all lived out of state, the daughter contacted us.

Mr. and Mrs. Williams and their daughter requested our expert Skilled Nursing service. An overview of her calendar found that she had follow up appointments set with five different physicians. We were able to attend appointments and prioritize her treatment plan in order to get the best result. Once we sifted through the multiple specialties, medications, and lab tests, we were able to help her fine tune and manage her medical plan. Her daughter was able to return home, knowing Mom was in good care.

Mrs. Williams is now currently stable. Now that her calendar is no longer filled with so many medical appointments, she has been able to return to the social activities that she loves. Mrs. Williams and her family continue to express their gratitude in helping them through their overwhelming situation and for giving them peace of mind knowing that an expert is overseeing her care and safety. Our meaningful care includes expert care planning and support to preserve independence in all valuable lives.