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Senior Care Services

Caregiving Services

  • Personal Care: bathing, grooming, dressing, mobility, assistance, eating, etc.
  • Homemaking: light housekeeping, shopping, meal planning and preparation, etc.
  • Companionship*: conversation, activities and recreation, outings, etc.

Caregiving services are performed by Certified Nursing Aides, Home Health Aides, and Companions to meet your needs.

Activities of daily living (ADL’s) are the things that you do on a regular basis, whether it’s taking care of yourself, your house, or participating in recreation. When essential, daily tasks become difficult, caregiving services can assist in making them easier.

Certified Nursing Aides and Home Health Aides along with Companions make up our team of caregivers. Understanding the differences in skill level can help you decide which level of care is right for you.

Senior Care Services

Certified Nursing Aides (CNA) and Home Health Aides (HHA)

Our CNA and HHA’s provide personal, hands-on care. Their duties could include bathing, dressing, oral care, assisting with ambulation or transfers, taking vital signs, measuring and preparing special diets or assisting with meal planning and preparation to meet nutritional needs, and much more. They manage bowel and bladder incontinence, assist with walking and techniques with various disabilities, manage various lifting devices and medical equipment, and have training in dementia, specifically with Alzheimer’s. They are also trained in the prevention of bedsores and skin injuries and have CPR and First Aide certification. They assist in maintaining a clean and safe environment, as well, by providing homemaking duties such as light housekeeping, laundry, and shopping.

CNAs and HHAs are restricted from some duties such as cutting nails, applying heat by any method, changing sterile dressings, and more. If you have any tasks that are not able to be performed by a CNA or HHA, be sure to inquire about our nursing services.

CNAs are licensed through the Department of Health and are governed by the Florida State Board of Nursing. HHAs typically hold a certificate of competence in general caregiving guidelines.

Companions are considered “hands off”. They do not provide any care relating to incontinence or bathing. They are a valuable part of the team, as they provide an additional set of eyes to oversee and assist those who are relatively independent. Companions assist with difficult household chores and offer transportation and participation in social activities. They are qualified in CPR and First Aide, but are not trained in specific medical conditions. Companions have strong relational skills and love spending time with people.

Caregiving services are provided under the direction of the Care Manager who works under the direction of your physician

All caregiving services are provided under the direction of the Care Manager who works under the direction of your physician. The Care Manager collaborates with you, your family, and your physician and stays in regular communication to ensure the best care for your needs. The Care Manager oversees the skills and training of the caregivers and assists with scheduling the best fit for you.

The quality of the caregivers we provide is very personal to us.

  • Local/State/National
  • Health verification
  • Licensing or certification in their field
  • Extensive employment and reference checks
  • Specialized training
  • Fully insured and bonded

Caregivers are given a personal caregiver portal

In the caregiver portal, they are able to access their schedules, retrieve their patient’s care plan and history, clock in and out, and communicate with office staff. The portal is secure and only gives access where permission is granted.

We carefully select each caregiver and ensure their competency and excellence. All of our caregivers have been thoroughly health and background screened with Level II law screening and extensive employment and reference checks. They have been skills checked and oriented and are licensed or certified in their field. Our caregivers are also fully bonded and insured.

Ensuring excellence in caregiving begins with careful selection, is followed by skilled competency, and is solidified with caregiver satisfaction. We offer our caregivers encouragement, opportunities for growth, and incentives.

Caregiver skill and job satisfaction leads to prestigious care, which leads to patient satisfaction and the fulfillment of our mission.

Prestigious Precedent

A Success Story

Ms. Lewis (name changed to protect privacy) was living independently in her own home well into her early 90’s with very few health problems. As her mobility declined, she maintained her independence by dutifully using a walker and establishing a life alert system for emergencies. She had friends checking on her with daily visits. She inquired about our services when she decided that it was too risky to go out to the mailbox by herself. She also needed someone who could take out the trash, help with light household chores, and transport her for errands. She did not need anyone to assist her with hygiene or other hands on help.

On the initial visit, it appeared that her needs could be met with a companion. Companions are there for support but do not provide any hands on care. We established a schedule for a daily two-hour companion. As is sometimes the case, things change. After visiting with her physician, she was instructed to monitor her blood pressure daily. This required a different level of care.

Because there is not a significant cost difference between the two services, we were able to provide her with a CNA/HHA who could monitor her more closely while still working within her budget. In addition, we were able to communicate with her physician regularly with updates in order to maintain her independence in her own home.

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Mrs. Williams (name changed to protect privacy) began her services after an acute hospital stay that indicated a need for hands-on personal care in the form of a CNA/HHA as well as Nursing visits weekly. After a few weeks, as her strength improved, she no longer required daily personal care. She was independently managing at home. Her Plan of Care was changed to include just a weekly Nursing visit to monitor medications, coordinate multiple physicians, and prevent her condition from backsliding. Over time her needs changed again when she developed an infection, causing a slight setback. CNA/HHA services were once again implemented, providing the amount of support needed during the time it took to regain her strength again.

Mrs. Landon (name changed to protect privacy) found that she had a need for Caregiving Services after her husband’s ongoing progression of Alzheimer’s made it unsafe for him to be alone. She was still thriving in her career despite her husband being retired. Mr. Landon had mild forgetfulness and slight confusion at times that was subtle but manageable in the beginning. A few events at home made Mrs. Landon consider the safety of him being alone all day while she was working.

Her inquiry indicated that she not only desired his safety and personal care needs to be met, but that he would benefit from having someone accompany him on outings such as luncheons, golf, fishing, and other activities that he enjoys. A Plan of Care was developed to meet Mr. Landon’s needs and Mrs. Landon chose our Specialty Package, The Executive, as it met her needs and offered a discount.

Mrs. Landon was able to go to her job with peace of mind knowing that her husband could continue doing the things he loved with his safety being maintained. An added bonus for her was being welcomed home at the end of a day’s work with the aroma of dinner preparations.

Every situation is unique, with individualized circumstances that can change over time. Ms. Lewis’, Mrs. Williams’ and Mr. Landon’s valuable lives of independence were preserved by our thoughtful, meaningful care.

We have designed Specialty Packages based on our most requested services. They are created not only to offer a savings to you, but to offer the most consistent and cohesive care.

*Companion services do not include any hands-on, personal care such as bathing, incontinent care, or oral hygiene.